• Engagement analytics for third party content

    Whether you’ve created native content with publisher partners or amplifying earned stories, Ozmotik offers a complete view of post-click user engagement.

  • Analytics for your native content campaigns

    Ozmotik provides a simple and efficient solution for measuring the post-click impact of your custom content and influencer campaigns.

  • Post-click measurement of earned media

    Ozmotik measures engagement of earned content you share and promote, providing visibility and intelligence into what works.

3rd party measurement of your native content campaigns

For Native Content Campaigns, Ozmotik unifies all your content analytics in one easy-to-use platform. Get real-time visibility into which pieces of content from which publishers deliver the best results. Optimize resources towards your top content, and leverage reporting insights to improve future content campaigns.


Measure your earned content amplification programs

For Earned Media Amplification Programs, Ozmotik reveals post-click engagement data that enables marketing teams to:

1) optimize resources towards earned editorial content, distribution channels and audiences that deliver high engagement and ROI; and,

2) identify and act on high-intent users.


The only unified analytics system for earned editorial and paid native content

Ozmotik offers the only unified solution for measuring earned and native content campaigns. Whether you’re amplifying positive press coverage of your products or services, or launching native content with publisher partners, Ozmotik provides you with a turn-key solution for measuring post-click consumer engagement, through to conversion!

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