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Ozmotik was founded by two entrepreneurs with a passion for great stories, products, design and marketing.

Analytics for any link you curate

Relying exclusively on custom-produced content to get your story out there is costly, time consuming, and not as effective. Moreover, 90% of consumers say their buying decisions are heavily influenced by online reviews and press coverage.

With social media, and other promotional channels it’s easier than ever to amplify positive earned content.

But until Ozmotik, there’s been no solution for tracking and measuring post-click engagement of earned content.

  • Hung

    Hung P Nguyen, Co-founder and CEO

    Prior to Ozmotik, Hung was VP West Coast Sales & Account Management (deals w/ Intel, Samsung, Toyota, Disney, etc.) at Visible Measures and then SVP Product where he released the industry’s first programmatic video and native ad platform. Before that, he was one of the first employees of Sharethrough.

  • prescott

    Prescott Lee, Co-founder and CTO

    Prescott was recently GM of consumer products at Sophos. Prior to that he was CEO and cofounder of FilmLoop (1MM+ users, sold to Hitachi, 2007) and eCircles (3MM+ users, sold to classmates.com, 2000) both venture-backed companies.  He’s executed strategic partnerships with Adobe, Ebay, Shutterfly, Toyota, Purina, TBS, Ziff Davis, Photobucket.


Ozmotik provides a simple solution for tracking post-click engagement of any link you share or promote. While other services track basic social metrics, Ozmotik goes beyond clicks and shares to measure and surface views, viewers, time spent, bounce rates, page depth, and more for any link.

So whether you’re posting an article from a small blog or amplifying a headline story from a major digital publication via paid ads, Ozmotik can tell you whether your audience is actually paying attention.


  • Guy Kawasaki

    Author, Influencer

  • Charles Buchwalter

    CEO, Symphony Advanced Media

    Former CEO, Nielsen Digital Japan

  • Brian J. Shin

    CEO, Visible Measures

  • Kyle Mashima

    Former VP Strategic Development, Adobe

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“Ozmotik changes the game for earned content. We no longer rely on proxy metrics like shares or likes to gauge whether people are truly paying attention.”

Dan Beer
Director Marketing Solutions & Sales Development, Wikia